Antioxidants Benefits – How They Can Improve Our Overall Health


How Are Antioxidants Good For You?

A key ingredient to improving your lifestyle and living a healthy life is antioxidants. There are several antioxidant supplements out there that can help you live a healthy life, that is natural and won’t cause you any damage. You can also eat different types of food that contain antioxidants as well, although supplements are the ideal way to get the right amounts of antioxidants.

If you take in more antioxidants through food and supplements, there are a few benefits that you’ll have, with the first being cell protection. Antioxidants can help to protect your cells from damage, which helps to fend off diseases. Many times, you can have a lack of vitamins in your body, which will cause you to recover from diseases or injury very slow. If you have the right amount of vitamins and antioxidants in your body, you’ll notice the differences.

In most cases, you can get antioxidant supplements in the form of herbal or natural, which will greatly help your body. They have a lot of benefits as well, such as preventing various diseases, keeping blood clotting under control, and restoring libido. Nutrition and proper dieting is a very important part of life, therefore you should always keep your health under control and make sure you eat well.

What Are The Foods Rich In Antioxidants?

The antioxidant content in any given food is measured by its ORAC score. Called Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, the ORAC score quantifies the total antioxidant capacity of any particular food item. The higher the score, the more the antioxidant capacity. Following are the foods rich in antioxidants – a combination of herbs, fruits, vegetables, drinks, and supplements.

Antioxidant-Rich Fruits 

  • Elderberries (14,697)
  • Wild blueberries (9,621)
  • Boiled artichoke (9,416)
  • Strawberries (5,938)
  • Blackberries (5,905)
  • Red grapes (1,837)

Antioxidant-Rich Vegetables 

  • Cooked Russet potato (4,649)
  • Green raw kale (1,770)
  • Raw broccoli (1,510)
  • Raw spinach (1,513)

Antioxidant-Rich Nuts 

  • Pecans (17,940)
  • Brazil nuts (1,419)

Antioxidant-Rich Legumes And Grains 

  • Red sorghum grain (14,000)
  • Kidney beans (8,606)
  • Whole grain bread (1,421)

Antioxidant-Rich Herbs

  • Cloves (314,446)
  • Cinnamon (267,537)
  • Oregano (159,277)
  • Turmeric (102,700)
  • Cumin (76,800)
  • Dried parsley (74,359)
  • Basil (67,553)
  • Ginger (28,811)
  • Dark chocolate (20,816)

Antioxidant-Rich Drinks 

  • Green tea (1,253)
  • Red wine (3,607)

There are nonsynthetic supplements out there as well, that are ideal for keeping your health maintained. They can be easily absorbed by your body, unlike that of synthetic supplements. Synthetic supplements are well known for their absorbing, as it can take a long time before you see any type of results. Nonsynthetic on the other hand, gives you almost immediate results, as they are easily absorbed by the body and don’t have any type of side effects.

Keep in mind that even though you may be taking vitamins that contain antioxidants, you’ll still need to remain on a healthy diet. You’ll need food that contains the minerals and vitamins you need as well, although the supplement vitamins will give you more. You can also use vitamins and supplements that contain antioxidants if you aren’t able to eat the right foods that contain these precious nutrients.

For more reasons than one, you should always make sure that you include foods and supplements that contain antioxidants in your diet. If you aren’t taking in the right amount of antioxidants, you’ll be at a risk for disease or other harmful effects. Antioxidants do a lot for your body, which is why you want to ensure that you are taking in the right amounts. You can find many different vitamins and supplements that include them, all you need to do is make sure that you are eating right and doing all you can to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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