Aromatherapy First Aid Kit


Here are just some of the health side effects from being in contact with these chemicals, they range from increased sensitivity and new allergies, impaired fertility, central nervous system damage, increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, increased potential cancer risk, breathing difficulties, brain tumors, coma and even death.

  • In this information packed 62-page ebook, you’re going to learn about the remedies you can use to heal yourself naturally using aromatherapy essential oils derived from nature.
  • You will discover within its pages how to naturally treat perspiration, how to create your own organic, chemical free lipstick, eyeshadow, concealer, blush, and fragrances.
  • You’re also going to learn how natural food coloring can be instrumental in the creation of organic makeup and why you should avoid using artificial food coloring at all costs, this will SHOCK you and make you think twice about using food coloring for the next birthday cake or any other birthday cake for that matter.
  • You’ll also learn how to create your own natural, deeply nourishing hair treatments.  Also included are recipes for deep cleaning, completely natural household cleaners.
  • You also get given natural remedies that treat everyday ailments naturally like how to eliminate the pain of a toothache and how to treat everything from acne to warts to burns, cuts, hemorrhoids and more.

You also get the Aromatherapy Essential Oils Bonus

When you get started using essential oils to heal, learn about some of the most important essential oils and what they do.

Discover the characteristics of each essential oils and its individual healing properties and which essential oils mix best for maximum effect.

Also discover what their role is in the use of fragrances and the type of effect they have on mood and how they can be used for stress relief, and more.